What is STEM Learning?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  STEM learning involves hands on learning of these four major concepts with applied approach.

In Today’s world STEM learning has become an essential part of education with the use of Artificial intelligence in every walk of life.

What are the advantages of STEM Learning at iRobokid?

Since STEM learning is more about practical hands on learning it promotes lifelong skills among students in following ways –

·  Critical Thinking and Problem Solving-While building models students must work with an idea and then come up with a solution to make that model work by applying their critical thinking and problem-solving skills

·  Fun and engaging activities– Since our learning strategies are based on practical hands on learning students find it extremely engaging. During the class session they are constantly kept busy with enquiry and application in an engaging way

·  Creativity– While working on a project they use their creative skills to make their model functionable and to make it look attractive

·  Teamwork– While building the Models students work in groups to share and discuss ideas. This builds strong teamwork spirit among the students.

·  Resilience and patience building– While developing or constructing any application or model students come across failures and they learn to try multiple times

·  Adaption– Students get an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to build applications making their concepts on various topics in an effective way

What programs are offered by iRobokid relating to STEM? Do you follow any specific curriculum?

iRobokid programs are based mainly on the concepts of Robotics, Electronics and Coding (Commonly known as Programming)

These well-structured programs are designed by our expert team from India, China and Canada for all school grades and benefit them with lot of skills that are needed in today’s challenging and fast paced learning that involves technology.

Our strong R & D team constantly updates the curriculum keeping our students up to date with the latest technology

Although our programs are not based on any school curriculum they indirectly help students to perform well in school and choose their future career path.

What does my child need for starting the program?

We provide all the necessary infrastructure to conduct the classes. Your child does not need to bring anything. Our students are provided with laptops and or kits needed for them based on the program that they are undertaking.

Does my child need to do any homework at iRobokid?

No. There is no homework involved with our program at iRobokid since our programs use more practical & hands on approach. We may assign some optional fun activities for students that will help them with their projects.

Why should I choose iRobokid for my child?

Irobokid is a highly reputed, tried and tested STEM program across the globe with over 80 successfully running locations worldwide

·  We follow very well-structured programs for all school grades starting from grade 2 to Grade 10

·  Our class size is limited to 10-12 students

·  Our monthly fees are quite affordable so maximum number of students can benefit from this program

How often is your program conducted for each student?

Our students attend classes every week for 1.5 hours session each. Usually the programs will be in the evenings during weekdays and in the daytime during weekends.

How do I register my child to the program?

Please fill out the enquiry form on our website with all the details and we will be happy to help you with the process.